NCFIT is a diverse collection of like-minded and positive people seeking to improve their lives and the lives of those around them through fitness, community, coaching, and nutrition. Our singular goal at NCFIT is to Live Better. Whether in or out of the gym, we hold one another accountable to a higher standard of living. We can accomplish our goal to Live Better by giving our personal best in all things, always doing what we believe is right, and remaining true to our mission.

Tailored for Every BODY

We have a variety of classes to accommodate your needs.  Additionally, we offer individualized programming as well as 1:1 training sessions to better meet your needs


Why NCFit Rebuilt?



Our community is very inclusive and diverse. We have people of all ages and fitness levels and we promote an environment of support and encouragement. 


We are not a one size fits all kind of gym. We offer different class options both 30 and 60 minute options that range from Metabolic Conditioning to HIIT to Gymnastics.  We also realize that group classes are not for everyone and individualized training is the most effective way to reach your personal goals.  


Our coaches are some of the best around and have coaches athletes at all levels including elite levels of fitness. Our head coaches have combined over 35 years of coaching experience from CrossFitters to Gymnasts to marathon runners to Olympic Weightlifters. We look forward to helping you reach your goals!


We want to support the whole person.  We provide resources as well as organized coaching and trainings in the areas of Nutrition and Wellness.  Our coaches are here to support every client to LIVE BETTER and this is a holistic goal. 


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